Thursday, November 22, 2012


I switched it over today to registered users only because I'm getting Stockhoused to death. It became impossible to weed out SH from the real people.
My sources never comment on my blog except for 2. 1 of those I know very well. The other is new.
There have been almost no good comments in the last week. If there were I would post them too.
So here's the last rumor. The BFS is done but what is the big question is whether tomorrow or Monday an offer is announced. Only a handfull of people know what I expect for the average grade. (The exact number). So I know this rumor has authenticy. The BFS is good. Apparently my guess work is within .03% of the concensus. If that turns out to be true we have a profitable BFS, quite profitable. That means our contract with Teck is finally finished. You're hearing it here first because SH is on the attack. I might not even blog it.
Tomorrow I'd expect the sellers to take a few cents off the sp but they may read this too. If the sp hits $1.10 I'm going to start buying, cautiously of course. If the momentum sustains I'm going to alert the money crowd and see what happens. Tonight I'm emailing them to tell them what I think and to check their computers early in the morning.
I also had a very strange dream last night. Two pundits on BNN were talking about Teck and some other company putting the squeeze on Nova. So I rushed to the TV. Apparently in the dream I don't have rewind so I didn't get the other name. Then it went to commercial before they finished talking about the takeover. The commercial was a Copper Fox ad talking about the robust numbers for the BFS and their 100% ownership. They said they had the backing of Teck and were looking for a partner in their $35 (or $3.5) billion dollar project that was fully approved by the govt's. I'll leave it there. What I took away from this was that it was a done deal and very soon.
Selected Agora Discussions:
"Web, from this are we to assume that today you are on uppers and earlier in the week you were on downers?"
"your the only guy i know that can get me pissed and happy with such ease.... lol you sure you dont have a twin brother?"
"I'm hearing the same. Difference on my side is an offer could be announced between now and Dec 20th. That's why I posted my previous post. if we don't see Feasibility next week..expect something better. Some hints:
Is Teck dissecting (or trying) the Feasibility as we speak....?
Have all directors (non executive insiders) including Jason, been blacked out for the past 2 weeks...?
Elmer and Mike made a 2 day trip to Vancouver Monday and Tuesday, do we know why and where ?...."

"I sure hope you guys (Vette & Webgogs) are correct in your predicting. It would be an excellent time for a liquidity event to unfold. Would also silence my wife... Which would a much appreciated side-bonus LOL"
"Teck has closed its office in Mexico....maybe bringing human resources to Canada for Schaft Creek mine??"
"Say your prediction is true, why would they not just drop the BFS? If they are negotiating till dec 20, why not have the clock ticking during these negotiations...wouldn't that turn up the heat on Teck..."
"Elmer and Mike made a 2 day trip to Vancouver Monday and Tuesday, do we know why and where ?....

Just a thought...
This CIM Vancouver meeting where Don Lindsay was a keynote speaker and Elmer was an attendance - what kind of audience are normally attending these meetings. Seems like a lot of students are there - and Elmer...
So would Elmer travel to Vancouver JUST to hear Don's speech or just another coincidence?"
"Haha, this is a good one. First is the guy from the dark alley. Then you say you post only opinion of 'others' on your blog.
Now you claim your blog is overrun by SH and it's all come to you in a dream!
I know where you belong and anyone that listens and recommends your posts has got to be insane!!!
Yes, email those green men from Mars and alert them to buy because they need copper too ;)
Too rich...   Hold on to your shares and gtla!"

Google Mars news."

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