Friday, November 23, 2012

Copper Fox Metals BFS CUU.v

Looks like there's nothing more to say. Start your buying today. If you're lucky you'll get 30 days to dive in. Other people are picking up the loose shares and the 4 horsemen have stopped selling to drive the price down. So they will also have to load up again. Beat them to it. UBS and a couple others have started the programmed buying to push the sp up. TD is grabbing more today. RBC will continue the small chunks unless an NR comes then all hell will break loose. Keep an eye on CIBC too. A buyer through that gate is taking 200,000 shares this month.

If someone tries to drop the price don't panic. There are 4 people I know who are taking the crumbs off the table to the tune of about a million shares.


  1. I'm not about to panic if someone tries to drop the price...still waiting on that godforsaken transfer and hoping like heck it's in the account before we get a halt...or before the sp goes up too much. Would like nothing better than to beat the four horsemen to it. I'm very happy about the impending news but not so happy that I didn't get to load up. Dumb luck.

  2. Webs - Yes, I have directions to CIBC WM to get my share pronto. Good job on the blog!