Friday, November 2, 2012

Copper Fox BFS It's Official

The company is setting its future plans in motion. That can only mean the BFS is done and on its way.

They need to change the message on the answering machine to: "We're sorry, so sorry, if you missed the BFS we'll have another opportunity for you in Arizona. Please call back in a year."

Now we will be able to turn our attention to the BFS. This should provide hours of speculation on the real value. See, the BFS doesn't cover all of the value that's coming out of the area. Will they take it all? How much for it? Do they accept the depth and are we getting paid for that value? Of so many questions.


  1. Would be very interested to hear your take on the recent Teck insider purchase. Do you think they will make further insider purchases over the course of next week and do you have an opinion on the structure of the impending buy/out? I have a very coppery taste in my mouth this morning...

    1. This is what I was getting at. You push up your own share price before you buy. If it attracts more buying, all the better. I expect this. We'll go for an all share deal of course. That's best for taxation.