Friday, November 23, 2012

BlackHeath BHR.v News is coming

This will demonstrate how undervalued the company is. During my research of the properties it became pretty clear that you could throw a dart and hit money. I'm expecting some solid assays showing the residual value. I don't expect a huge pop on the sp just because shares are scarce and people will want more company development before they pay a hefty premium. Company development and property development is coming at the same time. They recently added to the team and now they are adding to the property value.

For us guys in on the ground floor there's no where to go but up. At 60 cents buying should taper off but we have a long ways to go to get there. Mind you, with such a short supply there's little to trade. We also know they will need a pp but it may be some time before those shares hit the market. This is normal for a new company with a small share float.

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