Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Price of Copper Fox

More info to help you decide what it's worth. Here's just a few of the resources that help me make up my mind on the value. (33% of the value seems to be a fair price for the pounds in Canada)

View Point:

Here's one I forgot to add to the ideas list. I'll have to update that one (after I get all the sahres I want lol). But here, is their data.  Yes, I have studied them and live not far away.

A post by: Curius at Agoracom just to remind people of the growth.

bfs 2008 vs bfs 2012!!!!!
posted on Oct 28, 12 09:56PM Use the IP Check tool [?]
BFS 2008 Bfs2012
Price Price
cu---$3.12 cu---$3.50
au---$682.85 au---$1700.00
ag---$13.09 ag---$32.00
mo---$3.00 mo---$33.00
Measured, Indicated & Inferred Measured, Indicated & Inferred
cu---4,76 billion cu---10 billion
au--- 4.5 million au--- 10.6 million
ag---32.5 million ag---98.3 million
mo--- 255.2 million mo--- 700 million
100,000 tons per day 120,000 tons per day
Credit copper production -$0.32 Credit copper production -$2.00 minimum
mine life 22.6 years mine life 37 years
Just with that, Ithink we can have $7.00 by shares

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