Monday, October 29, 2012

Earthquake, Flood, Hurricane...

Snow up to my boots. (:<) Anyone see brimstone?

So with the americans battening down the hatches would it be fair to release the BFS? I'm thinking NOT. It's just not a good week in general. On the lighter side, British Columbia finally made world news but it was for the tsunami we sent over seas.

Here's a post from Stockhouse for your amusement:

Bowel movement coimpleted Orca shows up here......Please bring back duffy..No doubt he messed up real bad....5 strikes your out rule

You can see the quality of the DD. This is from their main poster. If it wasn't for Foxxy the Orc and a few others I can't imagine what that board would read like.

Funny today that Yahoo and Agora are having trouble with their message boards. So I won't be selecting some of their more choice messages.


  1. Hello Webgogs,
    Do you think it is still possible for a B.F.S release on Thursday or Friday? I read that the US exchange is to re-open on Wednesday.
    What is your opinion on the matter.
    thanks in advance

    1. Yes. I know the flodding an elections will be in the way all next week but what is the company to do. When we discussed this he said these would not really impact the release but I think it could delay the reaction. However, the largest portion of site visitors are Canadian and that may also (should) represent the the investor distribution but not necissarily the share holdings.