Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Copper Fox - Do we set Stop Losses

I'm setting mine at 98 cents. 99 cents has some serious depth to it but I think if we don't see the BFS soon this will be tested.

Todays trading is light as people hold their breath waiting. Will it drop won't it drop there's still tomorrow and Friday...

At some point this week we may see another dump if someone get worried that it's not coming this week. Last time I told my friends to set them a $1.05 so they could make a few pennies and that turned out to be sound advice. I think erring on the side of caution is advised this time but not for making 5 cents.

Forgot to add. They are supposed to be in Vancouvcr. I was expecting them to be back tomorrow. I hope they release the document Friday at the latest. But given the pattern of timing I won't be surprised to see it when the polls open in the USA. That's good for us but not so good south of the border. My American friends will not be pleased. So guys, pack your iPhones to the polls. (Give us an impromptu exit poll)

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