Sunday, October 28, 2012

CUU.V Warrants and big EE

There's lots of talk about EE not exercising his warrants. Why would he pay $1.50 when he can get the next PP cheaper and the share price is being manipulated down. If you look at a chart the sp started sliding at the end of Sept when the BFS did not appear as promised. Mid Oct they gave us the drilling results. We bottomed around the 22nd. This was the result of fear regarding the BFS being massively delayed. Unfortunately, the company has to take this one on the chin. They gave another inaccurate time frame while at the Toronto show.  This delay (1month review) is being done because they must make an air tight BFS. If Teck requested it or they felt it was best you can bet they gave thought to the share price and the kicking it would take.

Now it is becoming known to the public why the overtime was committed to. You'll see this in the share price next week. Unless the company comes out with an official delay notice we should expect them to release it right away. There are pessimistic estimates of January for the release. I can't see any grounds for this. There would have to be a serious flaw to justify not producing it asap.

Looking at the houses and share swaps as mentioned in another post it is obvious this was a small group of people with a lot of shares capitalizing on the missed deadline. Have no doubt about it. These guys are loading their positions back up. They think there's time to do this next week. They may be wrong and I hope they are.

If they get loaded back up you may see another round of selling.

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