Friday, October 26, 2012

Investing Tips

If you have investment ideas comment them here. This blog is focused on what I consider the darlings of next year. But, anyone who has serious dd on a stock should post it here. We can all look at it and even put it to a poll just to see what people think of the top ones.
Happy Creek
Pilot Gold
Boxxer Gold
Gold Reach (Copper/Moly)
Focus Graphite


  1. Web...As I told you before..CUU is the first stock I have ever bought. Are you saying that these companies are going to break out in 2013?

    1. Blackheath and Happy Creek are sector plays each with really big reasons to grow. They will not go backwards and have very big upside.

      Pilot Gold is a connected company and has the seasonality much like Mandalay. We need stocks like these for the pop they deliver on a regular basis.

      Boxxer Gold and Gold Reach are outliers. BXX is early but I suspect it is an emerging cuu. It's a bit fat in the share department but that can be corrected. GVR has proof of the deposit and is growing the size rapidly. Very light in the share department and a takeover target.

      Focus Graphite is a sector play. I'm vetting another co too because graphene is a growing segment of graphite output that will grow in demand because of its properties. (Touch screens etc)

      If the Italian E-Cat every goes commercial you can bet that will appear here.

      The names given for the basis of a vetted strategy for investing. You get short to medium term investments in a fairly safe set of catagories and locations. There are no overnight wonders. Real money is made be getting in early but without the ground work being done it would be gambling. So we try to remove the risk factors like this

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  3. I have a small amount of Blackheath, traded a bit of Happy Creek and Boxxer and plan to replenish with some Copper Fox proceeds. I wish I had picked up some Mandalay a few months back; ran out of $$.
    I will definitely begin some DD on the others you have mentioned above. Thanks

  4. Some may want to look into WRN: Western Copper and Gold Corp and XRC: Exeter Resource Corporation.
    These are companies with massive deposits, good share structure, and management team. These stocks may be longer term holds but are both undervalued greatly. Also, these companies could be potential take-over targets with their world-class resources as both companies have over 15 million ounces of gold eq.

    1. Of these WRN is the best. Exiter may be impacted. Gold Corp is a steady Eddie.

  5. Anyone look at Canada Lithium (CLQ)? They are almost in production and have backing from Caterpillar and Bank of Nova Scotia and is the only Canadian lithium producer. Bolivia has lots of lithium but issues with getting at it. Magna industries (Stronach) is expanding into the lithium battery market.CLQ is trading at $0.64 and seems like a bargin, am I missing something? This is one of my top picks after cuu is done, I'm a big fan of the techology. Great blog webs, tired of straining through the crap on ag.

    1. What is your strategy? Length of time and expected outome? Why should these guys perform?

    2. Based on what a couple of analysts have said they should break though $1.00 on going into production. I had hope to buy a few month ago when they were .40 so my plan was and may still be if CUU pops anytime soon is to put in a certain amount wait for it to double, then take half out and go elswhere leaving the other half in for the long term. My remaining task is to do the DD aroung who they are selling to and what there long term plans are. Rumour has it that Magna Industries is bidding on Toyota batteries and these guy may be a good bet to get a piece of that. Rumour only at this stage, thanks

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