Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Copper Fox CUU.v Is it buying time?

This might be a bit early to proclaim that everyone should dive in hard. So tenatively, the games we are seeing with the share price will be getting drowned out this week. Now, just to spite me, they may rev up the machine. I have unconfirmed news that news is coming and while it's not the big splash it is a signal that cuu is ready to begin the gauntlet. I hope to get a call into Elmer (CEO) this week to ask about the bigger picture. When your project is this big who are the players with deep enough pockets (currently) and how much investment does he see coming to our continent. We all know how much the gov't says will come to BC but I want to hear his perspective. Has the recent shift in safe zones really impacted the future global thinking or will it pass?


  1. I have always enjoyed my conversations with Elemer, but I have never thought of him as much of a non-linear thinker. What exactly is it that makes you want his input on this?

    Thank god you started this blog. The bitching and moaning over there was getting unbearable.

  2. Elmer seems to have a multi-prong plan in the works. It's no accident or luck by chance that they took on Arizona. There are other properties reasonably good and just as cheap. BXX has similar holdings and Elmer is growing that one in BC very nicely. He must have an insight into what the majors are thinking. He's making sure he position stuff where he thinks they will naturally trend. I'd like to know if this is fact.

  3. Hmmmm, interesting. Thanks for the reply. I guess I didn't realize that he was wired into that side of the mining scene. My brother was going to chat with him on Friday, I will pass this on that he may be good for a much broader perspective. Funny, he is such a buttdown geo-type it never even crossed our minds he'd have this kind of insight.