Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Merc Geo and Blackheath Resources

I feel vindicated.

"The chart shows that throughout its short trading history, Blackheath Resources has had low liquidity; some would say it “trades by appointment only”. Because BHR is a new company, it stands to reason that a tightly-held share structure is the reason for its low trading volume."

Sign up for Mickey Fulp's Musings and read why he's settled on this company for Tungsten.

You can see from my previous writings that I'm definitely interested in tungsten. Given the cap of $7 million and holding at least $250 million in pay dirt, this one is a no brainer.

See the link below to sign up for the Merc Geo's reports.

BTW, since some shares will hit the market in June that's going to be the best time to buy. The problem is that there will only be 5 million shares. As mentioned before, there is a billionaire buying up shares. I will also be trying to increase my holdings. I know several others who are taking some of the shares too.


  1. Web I gotta say that after watching the Cambridge video and Micky mentioning he found a tungsten play I had a feeling it was your call. Should be interesting seeing it take off. Cheers

  2. Did you see the NR? Nice. The other results will also be good. I'm looking forward to when they have enough money to go check out the dome. There's still that nugget of gold that was found there and that has to be looked into. It's a one off but considering how the fault formed it's just possible there's a lot more.