Sunday, March 3, 2013

NDP at Agora CUU Board

One poster writes
""…But then i think that even if ndp does take power, they cant stop building of ntl and mines in northern bc…."
I agree but I would go further and ask " Why would they want to?". Is there any logical reason why they wouldn't want to?
Not wanting to start up this line of thought on the forum again, I contacted the BC NDP to ask them specifically about their attitude toward resource development in northern British Columbia. If I get a response I'll share it with the forum.
I also suggested that they might respond to resource investor concerns by publicly stating their position specifically regarding resource development in northern BC, assuming environmental and First Nations issues are adequately dealt with - as we KNOW they have been with Schaft Creek. I invite forum members with concerns also to write to the NDP (and other parties) rather than speculate in a void; we have enough of that with CUU."

I respond
"Why didn't you ask them why they did it last time? What's to stop them from lying and doing it again. The big cheese from the Sierra fund is in the party.
"Vancouver City Coun. Geoff Meggs, considered to be a slam dunk to win the Vancouver-Fairview nomination, lost badly to former union boss and Sierra Club executive director George Heyman."
What we learn from this is that Vancouverites control the agenda of the North. This is why BC is considered as being one large National Park. This is why miners fear a NDP win. BTW, this isn't the only guy in the party that is diabolically opposed to us making money. There are other's in the party with equally horrible agendas. This guy just gets the light for now. You can google up some excellent articles on who's who in the party and you'll see there has been a reformation of the old ideologies.
The one example I gave of them cuddling up with the mobster unions who are writing the party's mandate for labour should have been enough to shock people. It won't of course because this is BC.
Writing them and asking about their intentions will tell you nothing. Asking burning questions about the past and the people coming to roost just might give you some clarification on their intent.
We have been set up by Chairman Harper so that when we provoke our new overlords they can sue. We will provoke them and we will probably put money in escrow (for the impending loss) demonstrating the supremacy of WTO law over our own. You might think this is a joke but it isn't. These will return as prophetic words. If you can't smell what's been cooked...
A little more proof about what the party represents follows below. But a word on this. It's 2013 and we are accepting the yoke that the Russian people labour under. WTF!? What does this tell you about the people of BC? The book, Assholes - A Theory by Aaron James aptly describes our politicos but what explains the people?
From the NPD Constitution:
The principles of democratic socialism can be defined briefly as follows: a) the production and distribution of goods and services shall be directed to meeting the social and individual needs of people and not for profit, b) the modification and control of the operations of monopolistic productive and distributive organizations through economic and social planning, towards these ends, and c) where necessary, the extension of the principle of social ownership."

Mt post gets deleted! Tit for tat I flag the first post and wouldn't you know it the Hub Leader let it stand!

The reason given for deleting my post is that it was "BS" and didn't effect mining. This is not a case of "head in the sand". We've discussed these semi "off topics" before. This is a NDP Hack who doesn't want investors to know who the connections are to within the NDP.

It's true that if you google you'll find a number of articles that probe deep into the NDP connections and you don't have to bee a political junkie to understand exactly what's been set up. Does anyone here want to deny that Mulroney was accused just so he could sue and be given $50 million? You'd have to claim that the people making the accusations didn't know what libel and slander are.

Now just to show how ignorant people are of the facts, read this.
This stuff is going on all around you!

So when I wax prophetically you can bet there's a grain of truth in it. No, I do not imply that Chairman Harper is at odds with BC. In fact, it's the opposite. The three main stream parties would fall over themselves to follow orders and get the Chinese paid. Any one of them would cause us to get sued and they would probably give the money in advance of losing just as an "in your face" to the population.

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