Friday, March 22, 2013

BC Hydro is robbing people

A single girl who works 12 hour shifts 6 days a week just got a hydro bill for $213 for 17 days of service! Another lady we know got a bill for $740 for 60 days of service, a tenant in my building got a bill for $704 for 59 days of service. My own bill jumped last month to $714 for 60 days and I know of another dozen people in the same boat.

In my condo unit in 40 below zero weather with a family of 5 they paid $600 for 60 days last year and they kept the heat at 85f. The new tenant keeps the heat at 60f for most of the month because they (2 of them) are away working.

At my place we switched to wood heat and a clothes line for drying. I've put in all LED lighting and because it was 20 degrees warmer this year I did not have to run space heaters. I calculated a $120 savings just off the inefficiencies should have been mine. Instead, my bill went up right after the smart meter was installed!

BC Hydro is robbing us.

We called them and they started by saying it was in line with last year! LIES biatch LIES. What kind of bull shit is that? So we told them what we'd done and the next lie was that it must be some of our equipment. Um, BS again. The hot water tank is brand new (2 years old) and I clean the heater elements and there's no flood of hot water spewing out of it. So that ended their scripted lying.

So they told us that we could pay them $100 for taking the smart meter off and having it tested! The problem is that you can simply change the source code and there's no way to prove it. Hell, even the guy doing the test would not know that the code was changed by himself when he went to test it.

BC Hydro is committing fraud.

Before you go running to Solar BC go here. and avoid being ripped off. It's time for a massive movement to punish the thieves. I'll be off grid this summer. You should to if you can. Don't forget to mention where you heard about them and spread the word. Great little company from Sask.

The old analog meters read the surge current accurately when fridge motors etc started up. What you people don't know is that when a motor starts up the measured graph on an oscilloscope shows a spike inti infinity. This is a theoretical spike to infinity. As the spike rises it gets narrower so at a certain point the spike last for such a short duration that there's no point trying to measure it.

With a smart meter there is a digitally sampled current. This sample cannot capture the spike after the duration exceeds the speed of the components ability to read it fast enough. The smart meter calculates the theoretic spike and you are charged for it. This is where they rip you off. You are being charged for a theoretical amount of power that is not measurable nor usable!

In addition, there are variations in the tolerance of the components used in the device. There is also an acceptable error in the quality control when the components are made. BC Hydro knows this all too well. They decide how much to compensate the spike demand and error. THESE DEVICES DO NOT AND CANNOT ACCURATELY READ THE CURRENT! THIS IS A FRAUD. Your real time real world anolog meter was more accurate.

This is why there has never been a clearly stated white paper on these devices. In addition, they can read abnormal current from their office. They will not report that to you. When you call they will lie to you and say it's normal. THIS IS ANOTHER LYING TACTIC TO ROB YOU! They know god damn well you are being ripped off. If you had a short drawing off excess power they could notify you immediately. Instead of that you just get billed and they lie to you and say it's normal. 

Just for kicks and giggles. One of my other tenants has received 2 calls from BC Hydro who is conducting a poll to see how users feel about getting ripped off! Apparently everyone is saying that if there was an alternative they would use it. For those not in the public opinion business, polls are not just for gathering intel. Polls are used to shape opinion and assuage angry feeling by making you think you've been heard and that your opinion counts. lol lol lol lol.

The Rip Off Roll

There is a very long long list of complaints. Your governments are behind this. Make no mistake, changing parties will make no difference whatsoever. This is a huge fraud on the people.


  1. I decided to appeal to BCUC after BC Hydro decided they would back bill me for 8 months of electricity when the new smart meter decided the billing was 200 more per month- in January. BC Hydro admitted in writing they could not state how they came to the rate,or why it was billed contrary to their tariff. They could not provide the old meter(claiming it was faulty)and did not record its readings at the time of removal.
    After 6 months Hydro of dragging their feet and ignoring the BCUC (the BCUC handed the file around the office several times), then after pressing the BCUC a supervisor gave up and ruled in BC Hydro's favor!

  2. Shocker, The Utilities Commission is a farce. It's point blank robbery and the so called Ombudsman is a joke. This ritual theft will go on until they've made us pay for the meter and installation. The big LIE that this was supposed to reduce costs for smart users was nothing but a hoax. We need to vote for an all Independent roster of politicos and give them a mandate to reverse a number of issues.

  3. I'm hearing from more and more landlords. I'm not the only one who upgraded my properties only to have the bills jump 40% sending clients searching for cheaper places with utilities included. The demise of rental properties in BC has begun.