Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taxes are about to throttle us

The Tyee did a nice job of blurring the truth about the taxes.

Smokes are about to go up 15%! Now before you say yeahhh, stick it to them, think about what that does. I'm just going to use this example to drive my point how. What this really means for your average smoker is that they will spend $60 a month less elsewhere. Now suppose they drink. take another $20 out of the purchasing power. Add in driving taxes, another $40. Suddenly you have $120 less per month in the till! Still think this is good? Never mind that these people are the biggest tippers but I'm not going to say what that means for restaurants.

So the clothing store with 500 customers like these above sees a $60,000 drop in the till. Still think this is good? So they lay off 4 people who apply for welfare because they don't qualify for EI. The EI payments the government collects and the taxes those people pay vanishes. The remaining tax payers have to support them. Oh, not liking how this is going? Well, guess what, this is the tip of the iceberg. When taxes go up on basic leisure items theft rises. This is a proven fact. So you better go hire some private security and forget about parking your car in downtown Vancouver. Oh wait, your one of those assholes who thinks no one should drive. Hey idiot, try hauling a 500 pound bale of hay on your bicycle. Just where do you think your food comes from?

So you say that your food comes from Mexico and the USA and various other countries. Ok, how do you think Wallmart flushes toilets and what power do they use and who pays for the roads the food is trucked on? Oh that's right, we do. So they bring in cheap imports and use our infrastructure giving them a huge competitive edge and you think that's a good idea. I guess this explains why you voted for the same two groups of people who've robbed you for the last 40 years.

So the Tyee says, aaahhh it aint so bad... Really?? Sorry Seth but you must have your head up your backside. (see ) Here's a copy paste of a good response on your page.

 "Well and good to talk about the GDP and percentages of taxation but we must always consider the price point in comparison to what the GP actually means.
 These days, the GDP, is for the greatest part considering all of our exports of raw materials and does not accurately reflect the incomes of the citizens. The purchasing power of the greater percentage of the citizenry has dramatically diminished sending our real economy into a tailspin toward the imminent crash.
 This massive regressive taxation we are under must stop as we use our after tax dollars to pay more and more in user fees, carbon taxes etc. leaving most of us with very little portable income.
 About corporate taxes, we have a problem of perception driven by the very corporations themselves. Be sure that as long as there are profits to be made, the corporations will be driven to make them. Foreign owned companies like Wall Mart will stay here, they will not run away if the taxes rise, at least not until there are no profits left. Unfortunately those profits (considered a part of the GDP) do not stay here, they are sent to the shareholders elsewhere and so do not benefit the society in which they are gained. Greater taxation on foreign owned companies and foreign investors will not chase them away as some governments would have us believe, not as long as there is a profit to be made.
 Please lets stop listening to the "GDP economists" who know not what they do and start to be realistic in our expectations of where to derive the needed revenues to properly run our society."

This is pretty much on the money but it lacks detail and could be expanded greatly. The author of it was just sparing an ignorant population a lesson they should have learned decades ago but obviously never will.

And this post to your blog also nails it on the head.
"To have a life style we want, we have to pay for it in the form of taxation. That is every sector of our economy has to pay it fair share. In the last 12 years there has been a shift in the burden of taxes from the rich and industry onto the average middle income and lower income residents, eg: HST, MSP premiums, carbon tax. We live in the interior of the province and the carbon tax has added more cost to all items that are transported to our community.
Industry has had tax breaks (HST) and prices have not gone down except for electronics that are made offshore, the banks got a $200 million tax break when they have been reporting record profits and pay piss poor wages to their tellers. On the other hand Carol Taylor, who gave the tax break to banks)scored a seat on board of TD Bank.
Like the Senators in Ottawa, they do not need the extra cash but why not take it we deserve to ripoff the system, who cares."

So to sum it up you lie like a Ef'n sidewalk. Shame on you. You know damn well that the give away resource sector skews the gdp to ridiculous proportions. So it's with a breath of relief that we see Canadian companies developing our resources while the foreign ones sit on the licenses that were sold to them. And the utter bullshit of claiming that a $20/hr paycheck is somehow worth the billions and billions that are plundered out of the people's resources to fatten your friends is appalling. It's a damn good thing the natives are standing up to your cronies. Sure, go ahead and raise corporate taxes. Don't give it back like they do for the Chinese and keep the profits in BC.  

"I must also comment on the grand vision that our elected public servants, in all levels of government, operate.  My money is paying for a highway to the Whistler Ski Resort that I cannot afford to visit.  My money is paying for the Golden Ears Bridge and the Port Mann Bridge that I avoid to save money. My money is paying for the roof on BC Place, in which I cannot afford to attend a game or a show.  And, as I drive from Chilliwack to Vancouver, I feel that I could never pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the grandiose infrastructure that my lowly 1991 vehicle apologetically coughs and sputters to drive on.  In B.C., we have the best stuff, but most of us can’t afford to use it.

And a word on the three card monty we call the carbon tax.

"A coalition of environmental and clean energy groups is urging B.C.'s political parties to raise the carbon tax and expand its coverage to include the natural gas and cement industries as a way of generating an additional $1 billion in provincial revenues."

"The proposal got little support from B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake, who said people need to be clear: The groups are proposing a tax increase and a shift away from the revenue-neutrality of the carbon tax"

"What they are talking about is a tax increase. I think that is very important to understand," Lake said.

If the carbon tax is neutral then how is this a tax. This just goes to show you how bad the lies really are. And you bought this crap with your vote! 

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