Friday, February 8, 2013

USD Shock But No Awe

Anyone wondering why the USA is drilling up oil like crazy? Oil is the only currency they have left. 

I couldn't help myself. I had to repost this. 24HG might be biased but its authors are usually bang on. If you don't already subscribe I suggest that you do.

So the Jackass call is that 2013 will see the US Dollar finally isolated and put in a position for rejection. It might not suffer a sudden death, but it will be corralled after being identified as the toxic agent flowing within the global financial arteries. However, the quarantine will be conducted in an extraordinarily clever fashion. Since the United States and United Kingdom, with its loyal court of followers in Western Europe, control the global banking system, the sovereign bond system, and the FOREX currency system, even the commodity markets including Gold & Silver, the solution had to be loaded with innovation if not guile. The alternative to the US Dollar as a solution had to be formulated and planned as a counter-attack, but done so outside the oversized pockets of strength where the Anglo bankers ply their trade and controls. As many trade partners have been public about their objectives, when two parties come together to conduct trade, no rational reason can dictate that the US Dollar should be used as a vehicle to settle trade, when both parties are located halfway across the globe. The New York and London bankster crowd cannot dictate Gold's new role, when their vaulted gold supplies are being vacated to points in Asia, when their vault contents are demanded in official accounts for return, when their past gold shipments have been contaminated with tungsten. These banksters are being outed as criminals.

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