Friday, February 1, 2013

BC Elections Worries Big Business

We all know what the NDP stand for and what they did to the Province during their last reigns of terror. Er, ah I mean when they were in power last. But while I have the tar and brush out a little history is in order: contributor-columns/column-kinsella-bc-ndp-getting-back-into-power/

It's not just the NDP. As our columnist points out the politicos have been hopping all over this dog like fleas for decades. You all know that if a clown puts on a bigger red nose suddenly it's not the same clown! So a dirt bag Socred thief and a cover-up-memo-back-dating-casino-license scoundrel are what makes up the representation for a good chunk of the people of BC. Oh, if you are wondering why the Socreds are scumbags just do some googling: "was exacerbated by Vander Zalm's eccentricity, and the constant scandals that plagued his government."  Remember the student strikes?

What's really disgusting: In the news recently: "gas prices jump 5 cents over night for no apparent reason". Shocking to see the mainstream media stop making up excuses for the rape and plunder that the common folk have to deal with every day. So no more excuses now it's just a blatant in your face.

Now we turn to the comments of Teck Cominco's CEO now just known as Teck   "We need a stable, competitive investment climate in order to have the confidence to explore for, develop, and commit the major investments needed to move these projects forward," Lindsay said. "I'm just going to say that one more time, given that we have an election coming up: we need a stable, competitive investment climate in order to commit the major investments needed to move our projects forward."

If that isn't a shot over the bow I don't know what is. What I do know is that under the Liberals we the people are screwed and big business with thrive. Under the NDP we the little people are screwed and select big business will thrive. Under either party we are screwed and in the long range the whole province is screwed.

It's time for a change and I don't mean Conservative. Nooo nooo noooo. What the people need to do is compare all 4 parties platforms side by side to see who stands for what. Then discount the three parties who are controlled by special interests and vote for the remaining unfettered platform. The problem as I've stated before is that the people are largely too stupid and far too lazy to do anything that even remotely resembles self preservation.

More on this as we approach the election here.

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