Sunday, February 3, 2013

Agora Hubs delete posts about NDP and Capex

There are hub leaders on agoracom who are clearly NDP supporters and they don't want you to read this.

There's a hub here that processes his own complaints. I take from the comments on my post that I should show what happened to capex's under the NDP?
What, did you think mining left BC just because of the park expansion? Really.
You are provoking me into detailing a case that you don't want to hear. You can delete this but I can just blog it and you won't be able to deny people the right to read facts.
The expanding regulation of economic activity, in health and safety, labour markets, and countless other sectors, is increasingly drawing the attention of economists, policymakers, and concerned citizens. The reason for this increasing attention is that regulations represent a cost to both individuals and businesses. Although there are many important areas affected by regulation, including transit, energy, and the operation of Crown Corporations, this study covers two of the more important areas of regulatory activity: labour and natural resources, specifically, forestry.
BC's Attempt at Reform
The NDP government of British Columbia announced a review of regulations in its 1998/99 budget. The Business Task Force on Regulatory Impact was formed and some areas of regulation are under review. The task force's mandate is to recommend ways to reduce the cost of doing business in British Columbia by streamlining regulations and eliminating red tape as well as devising institutional processes to prevent unnecessary regulation. The streamlining initiative, particularly, indicates that the provincial government has apparently taken the need for regulatory reform seriously.
In addition to creating the task force, the provincial government also passed the Regulatory Impact Statement Act (RISA) in 1999. Under RISA, government ministries and agencies must scrutinize proposed regulation based on an OECD checklist. Over time, RISA should lead to better and more carefully considered regulatory decisions. In addition, spurred by the task force, reviews of several existing areas of provincial regulation are now under way. Unfortunately, recent changes to labour laws indicate a weak commitment to these principles as most were ignored.
History shows us that exactly the opposite occured. Please notice the spike in regulation. Did you think that was free? No cost?
Regulatory Figure 2: Regulatory Complexity (1975-1998)
Regulatory Figure 3: Cost of Regulation in British Columbia for Select Years (Real 1993-94 Dollars)

Post script. They have not deleted it yet because they are reading it here and don't want to be shown to be complete idiots. Instead the post was cited and a warning was issued but they didn't give an explanation. As a hub leader I can read the complaints too. Gutless cowards. Provoke me to cite facts and then have a tantrum about it. Clearly NDP supporters. Typical NDP behavior too.

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