Monday, January 7, 2013

Western Copper and Gold

Things that make you go Hmmm...

LNG Fueled Mining Fleet

The LNG infrastructure required for the power plant will also be utilized to enable LNG to fuel the mine haulage fleet, including over-the-highway tractors hauling concentrates, lime, grinding media, and LNG. The technology to fuel mine haul trucks of the class required for Casino is still in development, but haul truck suppliers have publically stated that they are targeting 2017 to make this technology commercially available, which is well before the date required for Casino.
The use of LNG for mine haulage, and indeed for power generation, represents a significant reduction in greenhouse gases as compared to other alternative fuels. The use of LNG also has a significant impact in lowering the unit cost for mine haulage.

Yes, since Westport began engineering the Natural Gas Injection Port they've had a very long uphill battle to get it to market. As a share holder from many years back I can attest to the uphill battle. You'd have expected that to excite the market but you'd be wrong.

I don't have a bone to pick with the technologies that will enable LNG truck fleets but that does seem a bit too forward looking for a BFS. When it does come all mines will benefit. In fact, there are plenty of trucks already using the technologies. CAT bought in too.

On the note of trucks and urea. No, you can't pee in the tank. Since this is the law in some places and the cost is high there would be a benefit to getting off urea. Urea is mostly ammonia. Properly calibrated, the truck burn a lot cleaner. Improper calibration is a problem and so are spills. The break even is the huge environmental savings.  

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