Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Curious Case of Curis Resourses

Here's a highly profitable proposal that's just got one of its permits in place.

They have survived an inglorious attack of paid protests and hillbilly politics. There's been trumped up land battles and claims against the company for the protection of water rights and the list goes on and on. Yet, they got their permits. This included, drilling and mapping water underground, verifying the water bed protection layer and a whole host of other testing. While it's try that we don't know what will happen 100 years from now the same can be said for all mines.

In the past I warned that no one in their right mind should touch this stock. The hillbilly politics is a story all of it's own. I had a friend there check out the local gossip and could write a small book on it that would have you rolling on the floor. I would go so far as to say that it would contain spy novel intrigue but you can judge for yourselves. http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1013685/curis-resources-announces-former-director-of-arizona-department-of-water-resources-joins-the-company-as-key-leader-of-arizona-operations

Then came the bloggers and bull board bashers. I won't post their links here because a few of them contain seriously foul language. One in particular appears to contain facts that if correct will scuttle the project. I'm not a chemist so I can't verify the claims by this certain blogger. They cite a number of documents and legal claims to back up their claims.  http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/09/25/50605.htm

The problem with all of this is too much information. It's becoming hard to ascertain what is trumped up and what is fact. I do not agree that this company behaved in a very Canadian way. I have not changed my position on this. Instead of transparency and engaging the public potentially effected by the operation they tried an end run around the people. Their chart show the results. Before they peaked I was advising a sell and run strategy.

What's changed? Not very much except that they will get to test and prove the technology. This news is the cause behind the rebound. Should it prove to be safe this stock will take off hard and fast. At the root of the Phoenix like recovery will be the economic case. This will be one of the most profitable copper mines in the world. At today's prices there's a very good chance of making 5 times your money. But, at today's prices there's substantial risk of a blow out costing serious losses.

I'm listing this one on the basis that the technology needs a chance to be proven. I plan to keep an eye on it because I know that with lots of rinsing sulfuric acid's ph can be lowered to back ground levels fairly quickly. One will have to pay a lot of attention to the technical documents.


  1. ahh yes good old Curis. I remember asking your opinion on this one when it was trading way in the dumper at 35 cents. My research lead me to the hilarious comedy that is the story. Some of the you tube videos with the locals are classic. I never did buy into the stock though. Ph control should not be an issue because it can be controlled quite easily with a mixing station and a 18% dilute caustic input. In fact the company I work for uses Sulphuric acid to dry Chlorine gas before compression into a liquid. We are left with a highly acidic runoff into our effluent system which is treated with 18% dilute caustic on its way out to sea. I think any problems with groundwater can be treated in a similar manner.

    Regarding Copper Fox I now have reasons to belive we have been looking at this story the wrong way all along. Copper Fox is trying everything they can to get Teck to walk or take 20%. They want to get rid of Teck not court them. The BFS (as you and Vette have explained) is bare bones. Copper Fox is trying to keep Teck from getting excited about the project. This could explain the lack of transparency, mira reports ect. I could see a news release reading something like this, "Teck has declined to exercise its earn back option in Copper Fox's Schaft Creek project". The header will be followed with an explanation of how the price was to high given the current BFS. Sonething tells me Teck is not that stupid, but what if EE refuses to sell????? Lets see what happens in the following weeks. 120 day clock starts this week.

    cheers T2T

  2. One article on Curis is about uranium in the water. Is the article for real? Is this going to pollute the entire water table in that area? Is the science flawed? Can it be treated with sea water? All kinds of questions there.

    On CUU. I've suspected something along this line. In part, Teck shot its own foot. So pay up big or pound dirt!