Friday, January 25, 2013

Home Depot tries to counter attack

More on Home Depot:
It should come as no surprise that the day after posting a warning about the consumer sentiment there was a sudden upswing in the praise content. The problem is that it is shallow and easy to spot. They are fakes! Here's an index they can't get to quickly. See below. I would not be surprised to see this change rapidly. (So I'm not going to list the site).

Overall Satisfaction Rating
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  • 1 stars(62)
based on 263 reviews and 79 ratings
Here's a typical basher rebuttal:
So let me get this straight GURU, you're late on your bill and Home Depot is calling to get paid? The issue is you not Home Depot. It's you not paying them on-time like a responsible businessman would. Claiming to be a GURU makes you sound like a total tool. I also have my doubts it's Home Depot calling you. All major retail stores credit systems are outsourced to a specific bank. However, being a guru one would think you would know such things. From my research Citi Bank owns the Home Depot Credit card. Wal-Mart outsources to GE Capital Retail Bank. Look into Menards/Lowes/Target MR Guru and you will find they're all outsourced to specific banks as well. Those banks are the ones responsible for calling you and collect 100% of the profit from interest. Store specific credit lines are offered by all major retail stores to guarantee repeat business. I highly suggest if you're going to complain about this issue you should be complaining about Citi Bank not Home Depot. I also suggest you take personal responsibility for it. PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME FOOL.

You'll all recognize the pattern. Attack the person. Resort to name calling. Belittle. Discredit. Obfuscate. Blame someone else! Omit and last, LIE! If you had read the complaint you'd notice the rebutter does not cite any of the facts. Home Depot was calling before the bill showed up. You'll notice they do not take any responsibility for HD. It's the bank dummy! HD is not responsible for anything and the buck doesn't stop with them. This despite the fact that the callers identify themselves as HD reps.

What these idiots don't realize is that us in the investor world are completely familiar with these tactics. In particular, this idiot doesn't realize that I made myself fully aware of the facts before I posted. It was my research the led me to test the waters. Now I have proof positive of the culture behind the actions that lead to these kinds of complaints.

This isn't the bank. Far from it. This is 100% HD. You do not see them apologizing for it nor do they try to make it right. That makes me think this brain child is direct for the BoD. And, that folks, is something I won't invest in.

Instead of using these trying times to build long term loyalty they are fanning the flames as fast as they can. Max the profit today and pay for it tomorrow. I can't wait for them to try attack my blog. I'll be sure to report on that.

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  1. "Resort to name calling. Belittle. Discredit. Obfuscate. Blame someone else! Omit and last, LIE!"

    For a minute there I thought you were referring to the fearless leader, Barack Hussein Obama.

    Thanks for all the good work. I enjoy your blog!