Monday, January 28, 2013

BML.v Busts Fraudster Brokers

It was only a matter of time before the brokers would hang themselves out to dry. I know of sooo many companies who are manipulated and bashed that you would have the right to expect actions by the regulators. But, you'd be wrong. It's gotten right out of hand.

Some people even suspect the frauds extend right into the assay companies themselves! Anything to defraud the little guy out of business so his deposit can be stolen. Just how much does the defense cost? How are they supposed to be able to afford to sue?

Last week Barker Minerals received it's long running updated report of the securities frauds that have been perpetrated against them. If you are wondering why they been under such a heavy attack you need to read up on what they found on their various properties.

Show your support. I bought 900 this morning.

I've finished my diligence and suggest that you READ THIS:

Email your securities regulator and demand action today.


  1. i red a lot of blog on the fact that the whole market being manipulated.

    how big player play the market without being punished?

    where are we heading? does this mean a near bull market in commodities?

    tough to hold on that roller coaster ride...

  2. Look who's in power in our country. With all the scandals building around him and the secret deals tantamount to treason and the lethargy of the population is there any wonder why this is allowed to continue?