Thursday, January 10, 2013

Copper Fox - Buy Out Rumor!

The volume suggests something else is going on! This is exceeding my expectations. It's not a frenzy up but more methodical suggesting someone knows something. The chat boards are swirling. There's extra buying pressure from the insiders and the new houses. Normally the chat boards like agoracom would see a rise in the number of new posters but it seems fairly calm. That suggests the buyers are less pedestrian and more institutional/investment council grade.

If there's this much pressure now then the return of the tax sellers will jolt the sp up. I'm beginning to think gaps. As a retail, you are one of the few whole are reading this. (There's not a lot of retail left.) Copper isn't sexy like gold and attracts a different mind set. Still, with a pending buyout you'd expect more retail. A quick study of the past reveals why there's no retail. They tend not to like these slow giant projects. They don't buy to hold for two years. They would rather gamble for pop.

The smart money bought like crazy at 61 cents. Now I'm betting you are thinking you should have jumped in. Well, you should have. True, there was no way to give you the confidence you have to do your own DD and decide to jump or not too.

You can see that at 94 cents people said it was flying too close to the sun. They took profits. This does not really indicate a decline. The fundamentals and reasons for this to continue are still intact. 

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  1. My people are telling me something imminent!

    Its not who you think ...

    U heard it hear first!