Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stocks and Discussion Boards

Why is it that on Stockhouse there are many boards that are not flooded with bashers and spam? Why is it that Copper Fox seems to be their single biggest target. On Monday I'll be writing to our Securities guys to ask this question and find out if this is legal. I know that several people files complaints over the trading and what appears to be paid bashing but I want to hear the response for myself. I'm less interested in what they will do about it and more interested in finding out who's behind it.

I've had to turn off anon comments due to the barrage of spam my own blog has attracted from these bashers. They don't even attempt to disguise what they are doing anymore. So it would be very interesting to out the people behind it. There's a lot of speculation that Teck is behind it just to try keep the share price down. I think it's a bigger money picture in that multi billions of dollars are coming this way. But why just CUU? Western Copper and Yellowhead Mining are not under attack. Even some of the miners in highly questionable locations who have to deal with dictators are not getting bashed like this.

A quick look at Stockhouse today shows that they have reached a crescendo in their efforts to muddy the stock. This has gone on for a few years now. If you are interested in seeing our Jr exchange cleaned up I encourage you to write to the securities commission and express your opinions. This behavior doesn't just effect one company it dirties the whole field.

And the basher blogs (insert eye roll here)

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