Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Creek Extends Warrants too HPY.v

They have about 3 million out at 35 cents. This indicates to me that they also expect those to be in the money. My last talk with David gave me the impression that this next year will be big. I know they have not burned through all the old pp shares. About 300k left. In the new year I may take all of those. After xmass I'll talk to them again. They should have the next leg planned and we'll see where the money is going. Can't wait for the year's wrap up. The tungsten space is heating up and there's a lot of extra pressure on copper since a few deals and mines went south this month.

If you have not looked at their copper data you should. Sure, the tungsten will be quick out of the gate but the copper is looking to be a mammoth. If they hit a few high grades along the strike it will get serious attention by May or June. It's also possible they rush things a bit and the results come early. Having 3 hot commodities is a nice way to end a year and an even better start to the next.

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