Thursday, December 13, 2012

Copper Fox is heating up.

The volume is increasing as expected. The buyers are winning the battle and the price is staying above $1. I know many people would ask why should anyone want to see the price go down? In this world there's competition for money, infrastructure, jobs, investor attention and the list goes on. Mostly it's greed driven. There are people who want to accumulate on the cheap at the expense of investors who really can't afford a great deal of risk. They invested here based off pounds in the ground a solid company and the option agreement.

So some people want them to lose confidence and they want to discourage other retail from adding to the buying pressure. You see this so often that the pattern becomes a signal to those who know what they are looking for. If your goal is to make money then don't confuse it with your desires. This stock ran way over time and people who desired a fast buck didn't get it. But if your goal is to make money... hold. As far as we know, the BFS is going to come out next week.

There are other signs. Bashers who are usually paid are arriving on the discussion boards. That is a good sign. It's not 100% because they get the timing wrong too but it is a good sign that they thinks the time is right. The chart also indicates the time is right. We call it tree shaking. The price is deliberately driven down and yes, the guys doing it are taking small losses. They become the dominant bid ask because everyone else is in. That lets them move the price up or down at will. This often catches the last minute guys off guard. The last minute guys end up chasing the sp up and when the bite at market then the price drop 3 cents and they get worried. Some are dumb enough to sell at a small loss only to see the sp start to head back up. Don't be fooled.

Recently a fake email from the company was posted on a board. That's what I call going to extremes. One posters comments reveal some insight.
"Right now we, CUU shareholders, are living a disinformation nightmare caused by lack of verified/official information delivered from management."
The lack of info often imposed by black outs allows for the void to be filled with nonsense. I admit we get up to mischief when the company doesn't give us news on a regular basis. But hey, speculation is fun. It's not fun when it is deliberately false with the intention of leading people astray.

This weekend we'll all sleep well. Next week should be exciting.

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  1. Reassuring post...haven't been keeping up. Been far from home with a family member in a trauma unit...not fun. A nice financial windfall in the near future from Copper Fox will be a godsend. If I'm not back soon, Merry Christmas all and thanks for all the info shared. There's just too much on the Ag board to even try to catch up there. Merci!