Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why invest in BC's Sheslay region

Garibaldi is there and all signs point to more exploration. PGX is there and some of their NI 43-101 reveals some interesting facts about the geology. I might be taking more interest in Garibaldi and the regions itself. There is a third horseman out there prospecting and drilling. So maybe I write more about all of them.

Agora has started a discussion board for Garibaldi.


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  2. What are your thoughts on HPY.....has quite been a 10 bagger yet, is it still a top choice for you?

    1. Cantung ring a bell? HPY will be able to mine with pickaxes and shovels. The IRR that will result from their mine will be insane.

  3. BC's Sheslay looks a good investment indeed. Will be looking for more information about this to have a clearer idea of the business model. http://8percentpa.blogspot.com/2014/02/type-and-type-b-personalities.html