Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Schaft Creek - Teck

In answer to my recent inquiry:
  1. Detailed engineering – This stage includes completion of detailed designs based on the project scope and concept designs approved in the feasibility study, and the issuing of “for construction” designs, provision of construction and equipment specifications, scope of work packages for contract documents, definition of and procedures for construction quality control, etc. The purchase of key plant equipment often occurs prior to or in parallel with this stage of design, as vendor drawings for equipment are required in order to complete the detailed engineering designs.

So it appears there's no truth to the rumor they are doing "Limited" engineering studies. I'm waiting to hear from the horses mouth that the full program is being done.

Given the stage the enviro is at the focus should be on improving the design prior to making the decision to go whole hog on "for construction" designs. As far as I know, there is not enough info to make the decision yet. Last I heard on that subject was the geo tech was promising.

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