Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The final nail in the corrupt TSX



A new exchange that recognizes how corrupt the TSX and the regulators are.

So great you S O B's you keep your HFTs. You lie like sidewalks. You claim those make money. You must be smoking  C~ R~ A~ C~ K. They made money by stealing it.Now that we the people have left there's no more money. You're screwed!

Now, a law must be passed that prevents all exchanges allowing HFTs from changing the rules like required 1 second holds on a trade. Force these bastards to keep their shit.

I suspect they knew this was coming and will now want to go back to the way it was after they stole billions from investors and cost billions in damages to the Canadian economy. I say screw you. You should be behind bars until you, the directors, pay every cent back. You are the Enron of investing and our government has been complicit.

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