Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Insider Selling

Insiders are selling. The strength behind most companies have begun to capitulate sensing the final demise of the TSX and the storm they know is coming. I wager that the news of a new exchange that enshrines the traditional values of the retail has been a breath of fresh air. While it will take until 2014 to get approvals there's been a growing buzz.

Quietly people have begun talking about revenge against the regulators and the TSX. There's a seething discontent brewing and Flaherty and his cohorts are center stage. I've emailed the Green Party to see if Elizabeth May would look into it and perhaps broach the subject on the floor of the commons. Nothing yet. Perhaps the robbery and damage to Canada will go unnoticed by the politicos? Perhaps more people need to write and email.

I read recently where a company touted the value of the exchange. I laugh.

Here's the reward:

Please put your coffee down when you look at the chart. We don't want coffee coming out our noses as you burst into laughter.

They are destroying everything.

We need to call for a public inquiry with judicial powers.

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