Friday, April 26, 2013

Real Manipulation Facts TSX.v - Is Not Immune

Keiser Report: Stalinism of NYSE (E436)

Unfortunately, he's not crazy.

If there was ever a reason to buy gold this is it. Gold doesn't lose value no matter what. Wall Street hates it. What people don't get is that gold does not have a denomination. It has a trade value! 

In our small towns we don't have as much greed but gold still has value because it is portable. The greater the greed factor the more gold is worth. The more hoarders the more value. It's that simple. Societal complexity also increases its value. It's harder to trade a chicken for a hammer if the hammer comes from China. 

The zero volume during the crash is proof of what he's saying in the video. The fact that it only appeared that gold was being sold off is another proof of the corruption. In fact, during the sell off people were falling over themselves to buy physical gold. 

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