Friday, April 12, 2013

BC Hydro Rip Off Proof Positive

In March I detailed how BC Hydro was robbing people. I explained that my own bill rocketed despite all the work and expense I did to reduce my energy foot print.

Well, here's proof they are lying thieves. After that $700+ bill I added 350 more watts of brooder lights. We are using more hot water because it's mud season and we are out doors working on our farm so we need to shower a lot more. Our laundry use is up 2 loads a day extra. We still don't use the dryer and I probably should have just to add impact to this statement. With all the extra calories we are burning we are cooking a lot more so the stove is used more.

We have more live stock and that means more water pumped from the well more often. I've been running my power tools more. Last week I unplugged the water heater for the horse. We still don't use any power to heat our house. So that has not changed. My freezers must be working a bit harder as they are outside and it's 7 degrees warmer this week.

And wouldn't you know it... My power bill was 1/2


These lying sons of @#$%^ are outright ripping us off.
Our power consumption has gone up not down.

It's absolutely clear to me that they are using the PROGRAMMABLE meter to follow the old meter's pattern plus about 10%!


To my readers. You need to help spread the word. Tell people about this.

There's only one solution and one only. We have to speak collectively with our vote. We have to kick these steaming piles of S#*t to the ground and curb stomp them. Our governments are behind this.

It won't help to vote NDP. They are the ones who tried to tell us we'd have brown outs if we didn't build more power plants. They will not change this and in fact plan to raise taxes on top of this rip off.

You can't vote Liberal because they are protecting these scumbags from prosecution.

That leaves only the Greens and the Independents. Don't even think Conservative.

I like mines but I'm voting Green. I don't have an independent to vote for.


  1. Same here in alberta with the programmable meters....i went on vacation in the summer for 2 weeks...nothing on, except maybe the power to turn on the gas boiler if it got a bit chilly at night in july and my bill showed those 2 weeks with my regular power use. I guess my dogs figured out how to turn on the tv while we were gone.

  2. I'm hearing more stories from other landlords. Recently another tenant got a bill showing a very large consumption while they were away working. Perhaps someone will start a petition to force an investigation by an impartial third party. Not an Ombudsman but someone with the ability to charge the Board of Directors criminally. I think if the tail was about to be pinned on the asses where it rightfully belongs we'd see this theft stop in a hurry.

  3. It's a great problem particularly with the tenant. I am being tenant totally pissed off with the utility bill. One of the major problem of mine was heating system but after getting boiler replacement I found some changes in my utility bills. I think we should be careful before buying any electrical item.

  4. Most electrical items these days are low power. I would not recommend anyone use a plug in heater of course.