Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Equedia Exposes Warehousing Scams

I wrote a comment in response to the Equedia article, see below.

Most of our investments are being manipulated. It should come as no surprise that warehousing was a three card monty game. A shell game. An outright deception.
It’s up to us to guess where the manipulations will come in next. We can profit by contrarian investing against just about anything GS says.
It’s true that all of this is done under the watchful eye of the regulators and governments and this is why nothing is done until after the fact. They are allowed to do this because it is propping up a broke government.
There would be more reaction if more of the public invested. More people would be tuned into the realities and governments would be held accountable. This is why there are rules like “accredited investors”.
We the people are directly responsible for the behavior of the governments. Nothing was done about the police killing a Polish visitor on camera at the Vancouver International Air Port. Nothing will be done about the 9 bullets in the guy plus tasering the corpse in Toronto. There will be a bit of feet stamping but the din will subside and the government will get back to business as usual.
This list of wrong doing in North America is staggering when presented in totality and yet it can be passed under the noses of the people when presented one item at a time. I do not expect this nature to change. All we, the real investors, can do is wait for the next snafu.
The guy who wrote the book about how the barbarians eventually take down the elite in a repeated cycle was correct in his ideology. I wrote about how science has advanced so fast that to many it seems like magic. We all know what happened to witches in the dark ages. Are we their yet? For now it seems the armies of the elite have the upper hand. But, for how long.
It is becoming common knowledge that our politicos run a revolving door system. Just look at our own Senate. Google BC’s political scandals and read the wikki page. That’s always good for a laugh. Yet, has there been a change? Nope. They keep voting the same clowns in over and over. I guess they just like it that way.
The new trend that’s emerging is the remake of the people in the image of the corporations. I believe firmly that the destruction of our way of life is to make way for this rebirth. The politicos through big business and with them intend to remake our lives into a ultra fascism dream world. If it fails the politicos will blame the corporations and they in turn will point fingers at the governments. We will be holding the empty bag yet again.

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